Sunday, May 07, 2006

NRCC and Advice for Sweeney

In a funny twist, on Friday, the National Republican Congressional Committee spent some time browsing this blog. (Thanks for caring about what we think, even if is too little too late nationals!)

And also on Friday, The Post Star published the following commentary on their efforts at "Saving the Sweeney Campaign"

The House majority leader, John Boehner of Ohio, is offering campaign help to representatives, like our own John Sweeney, who have been targeted by Democrats as vulnerable.

I don't know what Mr. Boehner will say to Mr. Sweeney, but I can imagine:

Boehner: Hello John.

Sweeney:Boehner, baby!

Boehner: Uh, John, I'm here to talk about your campaign.

Sweeney: Great, great. Hey, would you like a drink?

Boehner: It's 9 a.m.

Sweeney: Not booze, my friend, just juice. Hey, did you know my top aide used to run an all-nude juice bar?

Boehner: You might want to not mention that, John.

Sweeney: He had to quit, poor guy, because of the swill-sucking media.

Boehner: You know, John, you might try to be friendlier with reporters.

Sweeney: Are you kidding? They can kiss my inflamed blood vessels.

Boehner: You haven't been getting much good press lately, John.

Sweeney: Yeah. They don't seem to care that I'm a sick man.

Boehner: They do seem to be kicking you while you're down.

Sweeney: You should ask my son about that. But you're right. I've got vasculitis and all the newspapers care about is my preference for frat parties.

Boehner: Maybe frat parties aren't the best place for you right now, John. Do you like bridge? Or knitting?

Sweeney: I wasn't doing anything at that frat party that I wouldn't do every night in my own home.

Boehner: That might not be the best way to put it, John.

Sweeney: I like young people, darn it. I like the way they drink ... I mean think.

Boehner: Now that's what I mean, John.

Sweeney: What?

Boehner: You've got to be more careful about what you say and do.

Sweeney: I am careful. Ever since I took out that power line in Easton and stranded skiers on the chairlift at Willard Mountain where I'd been skiing and drinking a little wine and ....

Boehner: Stop, John, just stop.

Sweeney: What's the matter, Beanie? Don't you like skiing?

Boehner: We've got a lot of work to do, John.

Sweeney: Really? On what?

Boehner: Look, this is going to take some time. Maybe I should fly up sometime when you're back in New York and we can meet somewhere for lunch.

Sweeney: OK. I know this great place in Schenectady -- Geppetto's Bar. Fantastic strombolis.

Boehner: A bar might not be the best place under the circumstances.

Sweeney: The vasculitis isn't that bad.

Boehner: It's your reputation I'm thinking about.

Sweeney (laughing): Reputation? You've gotta lighten up, Beanie. Besides, if I don't go to bars, where am I going to find people to vote for me?

Boehner: You've got a point there, John.


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