Friday, May 05, 2006

Sweeney Supports Sham-form

Just a warning that Sweeney's Spinners are going to tell us all he's an ethics reformer (in spite of voting to lower ethics standards for the Save Tom DeLay bill) because of this sham of a reform bill that he voted for which does not provide any real reform. See Kill this Bill in the WPost for more:

At best the bill would marginally improve the existing arrangement of minimal disclosure, laxly enforced. Reporting by lobbyists would be quarterly instead of twice yearly and slightly more detailed (with listings of lobbyists' campaign contributions -- already available elsewhere -- along with gifts to lawmakers and contributions to their charities). Nothing would crimp lawmakers' lifestyles: Still allowed would be meals, gifts (skybox seats at sporting events, say) and cut-rate flights on corporate jets. Privately sponsored travel would be suspended, but only until just after the election.

The provisions on earmarks are similarly feeble.

Shucks, looks like we'll just have to un-elect Sweeney in order to stop sending him on vacations with lobbyists.

Even Rs see the writing on the wall:

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.). "I happen to believe we are losing our moral authority to lead this place," Mr. Shays said on the House floor last week. He was generous not to have put that in the past tense.


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