Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gee, ya think?

A writer asks The Fix, "Do you think that Rep. Sweeney's frat party scandal will have an impact on his race? I read on a blog that a local paper called on him to apologize to his constituents."

(I think we're the local blog because we posted that story here. Yay us! But maybe others did too so I won't get carried away with this.)

At any rate TF says it "won't to help him in his race against Kirsten Gillibrand (D)" but doesn't know if it will hurt.

I'd disagree with that. Though the event didn't happen in our district (what difference if it was here, there or in Utah?), it was not responsible and it isn't going to help. Which means yes, it will hurt. I don't see how it could have no effect at all on the race.

The TU blog also covered TFs comment.


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