Saturday, November 04, 2006

Eye Opening

TU weighs in on the police report that John Sweeney pretended was concocted campaign propoganda:

Three knowledgeable sources have confirmed to the Times Union that the document, which appears to be a police record of the incident and which was obtained by other news organizations, accurately reflects information contained in State Police files.

It is time for Sweeney to go. When a 51 year old man can't take responsibility for his own actions, when he stands up and lies to us putting on airs of indignant rage after threatening papers with lawsuits to try to keep them from sharing the truth with us, he is so far over the edge that nothing can bring him back from the abyss.

More of Joe Bruno's efforts to pull the wool over the voters eyes:

"The people in the 20th Congressional District will not be fooled by lies, by slander," Bruno told about 150 Sweeney supporters. ...

Guiliani later told reporters he does not believe the allegations.

When something is true, it is neither slander nor lies. Does Mr. Bruno know that at the very same time he was making these claims, Sweeney's lawyer was telling us that no other reports were going to be released by Sweeney's campaign?

Republicans are grasping at straws with a claim that state police are saying the report is inauthentic. If there were records that contradicted the leaked document, of course, Sweeney could have gotten proof of that to the papers. Here's the reality:

...State Police have not challenged the document, and a spokesman said they will not, under policy, confirm or deny its accuracy. Agency officials have said that State Police do not consider any document to be an authentic record unless it has been officially released through its records division. ...

(Quotes from the Times Union)


Blogger David_GP_artist said...

Wow, that's really bad for them. One of the harshest editorials I've ever seen from the TU. And at the same time Bruno and G are saying they don't believe the story, Sweeney contradicts them by having a lawyer investigate the "leak".

2:06 PM  

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