Friday, November 03, 2006

John Sweeney's Arrogance and Hypocrisy

TUblog reports MoDo (that is one of Sweeney's spinners for you non-political junkies) called on Gillibrand to release her taxes for the 7 gazillionth time in response to's report on the Sweeney campaign's ad lies: "From war profiteering to making kids cry, incumbent's charges against Gillibrand don't hold water."

I'm just thinking out loud here ...

This is pretty odd seeing as how John Sweeney's lawyer just announced that Sweeney and his wife are NEVER releasing police documents about John Sweeney ... the reports which Sweeney and his wife both told us just 48 hours ago that they wanted the police to release. (We know because we all saw it on TV!) ...

Call me wacky, but I'd say it is time for Team Sweeney to shut up about Gillibrand's tax returns, how bout you?

When you don't release the documents you just promised you would release, why should anyone else release documents you think they should release?

We all know that the Sweeney campaign would just use the tax returns as fodder for more negative ads anyway. And we've all had enough of Team Sweeney's bold faced lies as it is.


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