Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bruno's right about Sweeney

At yesterday's ra-ra Republican Rally for John Sweeney. Joe Bruno said:

“This is one of the most vicious, slanderous, libelous campaigns perpetrated by an opponent in all of the United States — and that’s too bad,” Mr. Bruno told the crowd of about 100 people. (source)

He's right about that - so long as "the opponent" he meant is John Sweeney. Says "Charges against Gillibrand don't hold water" November 3, 2006

GOP Rep. John Sweeney's ad goes after his opponent, first-time House candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, with a half-dozen accusations layered over a soundtrack that's somehow both scary and sad. The ad tars Gillibrand with everything from taking illegal contributions to hiring a consultant tied to the Abramoff lobbying scandal to making children cry at a Sweeney rally, and more.

... All of the charges, in our judgment, are either exceedingly misleading or downright baseless. Some of them list no backup citations, which is unusual for ads in this campaign cycle and makes them difficult for the average viewer to research. The Sweeney campaign did not respond to numerous phone messages we left inquiring about this ad.

Read more here.

PS. Just 100 people came to the rally with Pataki and Giuliani, looks like even Republicans don't support Sweeney anymore.


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