Saturday, November 04, 2006

More whoopsies from Team Sweeney

My favorite bit in the story about the Rudy, Georgie and Johnnie Rally that Sweeney's handlers were foolishly hoping would distract us all from the news that there are no records that can be released to prove that there was no domestic violenece at John Sweeney's house on Dec. 2nd.

Seeing as how the real records are just like the ones reported already - doi! If you're like me, you proabably knew that already. I'm thinking that Sweeney either had no idea that the po-po would tell people there was a way to provide the reports. Or he was planning to get his report, rewrite it to make it sound like Gayle called the police because of Sweeney's health problems or for something else not having to do with her being choked and then release that "real" one himself. His lawyer probably talked him outta that Rovian idea and came up with a great alternative one: pledge to find the real leakers behind this by Tuesday morning! See if OJ Simpson can be at the press conference to help our search! Back to my point though...

Giuliani dragged out the dead horse claim that Democrats are going to let the boogey men get us even though more Americans trust Democrats on terrorism today. Giuliani didn't do the greatest job since he used an example of something that Sweeney opposed anyway:

"Without The Patriot Act, we would go back to a pre-September 11th environment in dealing with these terrorists. The FBI wouldn't have the tools that it needs even to communicate with each other," Giuliani said. "John Sweeney understands this."

Errr...psst, Rudy...bad choice there.

In fact, Sweeney voted against making the Patriot Act permanent last December, although he did support the initial bill. In an interview last month, Sweeney told The Post-Star he voted against it because the Bush administration changed the strategy for distributing homeland security funding. (link)

I don't know which is more interesting, the way what Rudy said is utterly baseless and uninformed, or the fact that Sweeney didn't vote agains the P act because it is an infrindgement on our freedoms and we should fight terrorists but still keep American citizens free from big brother. He voted against it to punish Bush for something he didn't like. As a spoiled kid or a bully would. Sweeney stands up to Bush not by getting Bush to agree with what he wants but by voting against something else that Bush does want. What kind of politician is he? A bad one.


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