Friday, October 20, 2006

The Other Rudy

Tony Rudy was also involved with the 2000 Florida election riot where John Sweeney earned his "Congressman Kickass" monicker when he screamed "Shut it down!"

News reports are just calling Rudy an Abramoff associate. Doesn't sound so bad. But the facts are that he wasn't just Abramoff's associate, he was Abramoff's "right hand man" and he has also pleaded guilty for his corrupt lobbyist practices. Before Abraoff, Rudy first worked for Tom DeLay and we all know what a super guy he is. From the Washington Post:

... When Abramoff called the DeLay office, Rudy was his main contact, and Rudy secretly became the recipient of payments from the lobbyist and other largess. When he left Capitol Hill to become a lobbyist, Rudy joined Abramoff as his right-hand man and dispensed the same kinds of gifts to his former colleagues. That combination led to Rudy's guilty plea yesterday [3/31/06] on charges of conspiracy. ... (Read the full story)

I think it is pretty ironic seeing as how I do recall reading at least one letter to the editor in the Post Star from a Sweeney Cheerleader that suggested that we shouldn't support Kirsten Gillibrand because she took a campaign donation from someone who was once hired by Enron, we should be judging people by the company they keep.

Look at the people Sweeney has taken money from, worked and traveled with - corrupt criminals. It is time to tell it like it is. Get with the program and stop acting like this Rudy is just some innocent schmoe who just happened to be unlucky enough to have been working as an "associate" of Abramoff.


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