Friday, October 20, 2006

Grand Ostrich Party

The TU says a Clifton Park "GOP leader has plenty to cheer for"

I guess he hasn't heard how his candidate, that would be John Sweeney, did the bidding of a guilty and corrupt lobbyist (that would be Jack Abramoff's "right hand man" Tony Rudy) and turned a blind eye to sweatshops and underage children being forced into sex work. And how he "whoopsie" didn't file the required 30 day notice of that visit per house ethics rules. Sweeney traveled to CNMI (a US Territory) in January of 2001. In 1999, 20/20 had done not one, but two exposes on the abuse of workers there. Here's an excerpt from one of them:

a system that was set up on Saipan primarily to provide thousands of foreign workers for the island's notorious garment factories. Truckloads of young women from China and the Philippines, who have actually paid thousands of dollars - an entire family's life savings - for what they are told will be good jobs in America. Put to work under often grueling conditions, the women are not free to change jobs because of the Saipan loophole. It's something that would not be legal on the mainland. ...Many of the women who work here are only teenagers. Many under age, like Katrina, not her real name, who was 14 when she was recruited from the Philippines. Katrina told federal investigators that she signed this official Saipan government affidavit, thinking she was going to be a waitress and ended up forced into live sex acts on stage. (link)

And I guess he didn't hear that his candidate is a flip flopper with no clue about what to do in Iraq. Because we all know - no self respecting GOP leader can vote for a flip flopper.

GOP really does stand for Grand Ostrich Party in this case. All of this other news just pales in comparison to the justice that has finally been served now that two Sweeney sign thieves have been captured. Whooo-hooo. Justice at last, all is finally right in the world.

PS - the guys taking the signs don't even live in the here.


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