Friday, October 06, 2006

Money Trail

John Sweeney and Bob Ney (who recently pled guilty in federal corruption charges) are both active supporters of Heather Wilson's campaign for congress. Bush is quoted as saying, "Send Heather Wilson back to congress." Visit Wilson Watch for more on her record.

Sweeney's campaign gave $1,000 to Wilson, and Sweeney's PAC "United in Freedom" gave her $2,000. Ney's PAC gave $5,000 for Wilson's campaign.

Other donations from Sweeney's PAC in this election cycle include:

  • Peter Roskam was involved in a campaign fund-raising scheme where those "who dared vote against the measure [he supported] would be cut off from typical GOP fund-raising sources" while he "hit up fellow trial lawyers for campaign cash, telling them they wouldn’t vote for tort reform." In other words selling votes for cash. (source)

Should we believe all the mailers that say Sweeney is independent moderate working class boy? No, we should look at the money trail and realize that Sweeney is a part of the problem in Washington.


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