Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sweeney's at it again

The Troy Polloi has forwarded emails up and reports on another Sweeney Campaign screw up. People who don't understand ethics really have to be fired on Nov. 7th:

The Sweeney Campaign is using County Computers to campaign and raise money. According to our Corp. Counsel, that's against the law. However, as we've already learned, around here, laws are merely suggestions, to be followed or ignored at the discretion of our public officials. ...

We're sure that Sweeney updates are positively riveting reads. Still, he shouldn't be using public property to campaign and raise money. Please, stop abusing our property, Congressman Sweeney. You should not be campaigning via our computer system. For a guy who writes laws you sure have trouble following them.

Will the County call on Sweeney to stop sending e-mails or will the abuse continue?


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