Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gillibrand's plan is best for soldiers

Gold Star Mom Kathy Brown says "I don't believe in the war, but I do believe in our soldiers..." well then she should vote for Gillibrand. Gillibrand will be there for our troops with every vote from day one, she's not going to wait to care until it is too late. Brown says

"We're there and we have a job to do. We have to finish it."

I agree with her. Here's what she should realize: Gillibrand is the one with a vision for how our troops can finish their job with success and honor. Under Sweeney and Bush our troops will never finish their work in Iraq which means they will never leave Iraq.

The TUBlog (I pronounce that tub-log (not tee you blog) if anyone wants to say it with me) has Gillibrand's new TV spot up, go check it out.

What is Sweeney's plan for Iraq? He has none. He still can't even bring himself to come to a debate on Iraq.

Related: See how Gillibrand honors veterans with support for GI Bill of Rights reforms.


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