Monday, October 02, 2006

What did Sweeney know about Foley?

According to the NY Times GOP leaders have been ignoring Foley's inappropriate harassment of teenagers for years. Republican leaders even allowed Foley to co-chair the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.

“Anyone who was involved in the chain of information should come forward and tell when they were told, what they were told and what they did with the information when they got it,” said Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York. Mr. King called it a “dark day” for Congress and said, “We need a full investigation.”

Representative Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut, said any leader who had been aware of Mr. Foley’s behavior and failed to take action should step down. “If they knew or should have known the extent of this problem, they should not serve in leadership,” Mr. Shays said. (link)

Down with Tyranny says:

...the even more endangered Chris Shays went even further, claiming that if Hastert, Shimcus, Reynolds, or Boehner were aware of Foley's behavior and failed to take action they should step down. "If they knew or should have known the extent of this problem, they should not serve in leadership." John Sweeney is running around yelling "me too, me too."

While the GOP leaders, clearly nervous about their jobs and possible criminal liabilities, call, meaninglessly, for a "criminal investigation" of Foley, the pressure for a non-partisan investigation into what exactly Hastert, Boehner, Reynolds and Shimcus knew, when they knew it and why they covered it up, is building powerfully.

I wonder if Sweeney's rush to call out a big "me too" on this is because he also knew what was going on? House Leader Reynolds seems to have known about the emails.

Reynolds chairs the NRCC which has been doing dirty work (like the push poll) for Sweeney in his campaign against Kirsten Gillibrand. He and Sweeney both "represent" districts in NY, and Sweeney's PAC helped raise funds for Reynolds.

A last but not least observation related to this story: Democracy in Albany says Sweeney's righteous stance on the Foley matter is a "change of heart" since Sweeney

was part the team that orchestrated the Northern Mariana Island mess where young women were sold into sex slavery.


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