Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grand Ole Promise Breakers

While Sweeney's post-Abramoff failed ethics reform efforts got him the headlines he wanted, the news today tells the real story. Sweeney and the GOP have no interest in changing business as usual in congress. There Republican Culture of Corruption is not reforming itself, they can't even pass reform that has been utterly watered down.

...even the scaled-back earmarks measure, which would require disclosure of special projects inserted, often furtively, into larger bills, is facing opposition.

Republicans on the Appropriations Committee, which puts together annual spending bills, have objected to being singled out for earmark reform and demand that any new rule also apply to tax and authorization bills.

Republicans on the committee held up passage of the lobbying bill last May over the same issue. ... (Washington Post Story)

Sweeney is on the appropriations committee.

This Sunday, a pastor told me, "I like change." I have to agree with him on that, let's change the house.


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