Thursday, August 10, 2006

The real thug in this race is John Sweeney

If you ask me, Sweeney-Spinners calling the Gillibrand team a "gang of thugs" for filming John Sweeney in public is pretty stupid. But for the Sweeney campaign to even mention the word "thugs" after Sweeney lead the rent a riot to halt democracy and shut down the 2000 election vote recount - WOW!

When will they ever get it? Is it part of the Karl Rove "Strategery" to have Republican incumbents accuse the Democrats of whatever crimes and misdeeds they themselves are guilty of?

Bravo to Kirsten Gillibrand and her efforts to hold Sweeney accountable.

Shame on Sweeney for painting Gillibrand as a "thug" for keeping tabs on what he tells the voters here. Has anyone explained to Mr. Sweeney that he's supposed to be a public servant and that he is running for public office?

Am I the only one who thinks it is pretty ironinc that Sweeney is getting his knickers up in a twist over being filmed in public while he supports a president that is keeping track of the phone calls which law abiding citizens with no terrorist connections make in the privacy of our own homes?

Will any kind reporter be asking him if he still thinks his actions that shut down the democratic process in 2000 were "completely and absolutely legitimate" (those are his own words on the 2000 vote recount) or if he was more like the leader of a "gang of thugs" as his campaign says of others?


Blogger fed up in upstate said...

The guy and the people around him simply campaign can't stop lying. The day after they stunk up the joint about being tracked, Gillibrand's folks photographed Sweeney's weenies tracking him at her event. They can't open their mouths without lying, it seems.

The Times Union catches them on their lie, and they don't even blink.Surely this is the kind of team we really want representing us in Washington.

6:34 PM  

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