Friday, June 09, 2006

Shoes and News

The Post Star reported yesterday that:

Saratoga County Democratic Chairman Larry Bulman on Monday offered to contribute a pair of American-made sneakers to incumbent U.S. Rep. John Sweeney's re-election campaign.

Bulman said he got the idea after reading a recent Sweeney campaign brochure in which the Republican from Clifton Park attempted to distance himself from President Bush.

And the TU Blog has a copy of Sweeney's campaign video up. It seems like Sweeney is the one who wants to buy an election considering his three mailers and one tv spot to date. I guess he must be afraid, huh?

TUB reports:

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign was quick to respond to the ad, calling it a “thinly veiled attempt to obscure (Sweeney’s) lockstep voting record with the Bush administration.”

Gillibrand campaign manager Bill Hyers played off the use in the ad of a line pulled from a Daily News story, which proclaimed Sweney “New York’s go-to guy,” calling the congressman “the go-to guy for the Bush administration.”

Or maybe they called him that because he likes to go to Utah, and to go to fantasy camp, and to Go to Miami. He's always going someplace. Maybe that's why he's NY state's most absentee congressperson, he just can't make it to DC.

Too bad it is always to meet with lobbyists and campaign donors, or to shut down a vote and give an election to Bush. When Sweeney talks about being "called to public service" he's got "fundraising" kickbacks to his wife in mind, and free vacations, and dinner with lobbyists.


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