Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sweeney's sham stories

I haven't had my coffee yet but maybe you can help me figure something out.

Rep. John Sweeney said a report that his wife called an emergency dispatcher in December saying he was "knocking her around the house" is fake and part of a political smear campaign. Neither Sweeney nor his wife denied she called police but both said there was no violence that night. (link)

So like if they were just hanging out playing scrabble together or something, then what made his wife call the po-po? She just thought that would be more fun than scrabble?

No violence? But she called the police and went to sleep elsewhere that night. Come on Congressman "Kick Ass," be honest. It would be a refreshing change of pace if nothing else.

Sweeney's pulling his health card out like he did when he was in a happy-looking place (or drunk) at the Frat party earlier this year.

John Sweeney also blamed health problems related to vasculitis, an inflammatory reaction in blood vessels. ...

Sweeney also talked about enduring a stressful period around the time of the incident, which took place less than two weeks after his son was sentenced to jail on felony assault charges. ...adding that health problems may have produced symptoms that were present around the time of the police call.

(TU link)

In other words, I'm just sick. I'm not wife beater sick, I have a blood disease. And my kid was going to have to suffer the consequences of his Class D Felony. And everyone knows those things make your wife call the po-po for no reason at all at 1:00 in the morning.

The TU Story notes that:

The document leaked to news agencies apparently contained an accurate 7-digit incident number and also the name of the trooper who investigated the call. Those details were never publicly released.

So how does Sweeney 'splain that? Are we supposed to chalk it up to random meaninlgless coincidence?

I'm not buying that.


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