Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gillibrand in Saratoga

Gillibrand appears in the Spa City
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Supporters gathered at the Beekman St. Artist's Co-op Saturday afternoon to raise money for Kirsten Gillibrand, the Democratic candidate for New York's 20th Congressional District.

This is the final stretch for Gillibrand with nine days until the Nov. 7 election against incumbent Republican John Sweeney.

Amejo Amyot, founder of the Beekman St. Artist's Co-op, said this was a chance for the local artists to show their support of Gillibrand. They donated 25 pieces of artwork for a silent auction to support Gillibrand's campaign. The auction will run until Thursday.

'I hope you spend the next few days talking about what matters and don't stop talking about this race,' Gillibrand said. 'Tell people why you're voting for me and you'll win that vote.'

Gillibrand said the voice is incredibly powerful.

'When we do win, each one of you can say you helped change the direction of America,' Gillibrand said.

Amyot presented Gillibrand with a sculpture of a wise owl that she made, showing her support for the congressional candidate.

Saratoga Springs City Supervisor Joanne Yepsen attended, showing her support for a fellow woman in politics. She said Gillibrand realizes that arts and education are important.

'She's a candidate that understands this is for our kids,' Yepsen said.

Gillibrand agrees and thinks this election comes to down to what is best for our children. She said Yepsen has been a model of leadership for her during this campaign.

'I'm really looking forward to Election Day so we can introduce her as the next congresswoman of the 20th district,' Yepsen said.

Gillibrand believes arts enrich communities and families. She said the arts came to Hudson where she grew up and now it's a jewel.

'When arts adopt a place, it rejuvenates a community,' she said.

Gillibrand told the artists that Congress isn't doing its job when it comes to checks and balances on the president.

'Each branch has to keep the other in check,' she said.

She's also worried about security issues in regard to families and how the Sept. 11 Commission's recommendations aren't all being used.

'I expect the Federal Government to put our families first,' she said.

Another important piece of Gillibrand's campaign is health care. The issue of health care is something she thinks the government should spend money on preventive care, and not emergency care. She said more competition in health care is needed.

'Everyone feels the pinch,' Gillibrand said. 'Each issue matters.'

During her campaign, Gillibrand has spoken to more than 70 farmers and many of them are in the red.

She said if they go under, New York will lose heritage and what makes upstate New York beautiful.

The event gave supporters a chance to meet and ask Gillibrand concerns they have. One question queried how she would interact with the other members of Congress if elected.

'I'm very cooperative,' Gillibrand said. 'It's about leadership -- not what party you're in. I will look forward working with everyone in Congress to solve the issues.'

Carol Blowers of Burnt Hills thinks America needs more women in Congress.

'I'm thrilled we have another woman running,' Blowers said.


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