Wednesday, October 25, 2006

GOP Worrying

MY DD has a leaked GOP list of races that they are worried about. From the looks of where they have the 20th district, I am certain that it is not a recent list. The latest polls had Sweeney narrowed down from the 19 point lead that the leaked to DD list cites.

It also shows the 20th as leaning R, but the race was re-classified as "No Clear Favorite" by the non-partisan CQ a while ago.

My guess is that someone leaked an older list to make the Rs look like they were in as good a shape as they thought they were in early October.

The current list would look far worse than this one.

And speaking of Republicans and upcoming elections and how they are worried....

In a watchout world warning: Let's do a heads up for polls and exit polls not matching election returns on the Nov. 7. Historically that is a sign of voters being disenfranchised and/or outright election stealing. What can you trust the culture of corruption with? Nothing.

DailyKos says there is an:

an admission by a Diebold consultant that machine software was altered in 5,000 machines in DeKalb and Fulton counties on the day of the election.

If anyone remembers the 2002 election in Georgia, that is the one where Max Cleland's five to six point lead was erased overnight to a seven point loss, leading to a miraculous win by Saxby Chambliss, which even describes his come from behind win as "stunning and historical" in his Senate website.

We know John Sweeney played a role in stopping the vote count in 2000. Let's have the winner be the person with the most votes not the person who stops the votes from being counted. Don't let this happen again. Poll watch your districts.


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