Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gillibrand Calling on Sweeney

John Sweeney decided that his latest excuse for going back on his word to debate Gillibrand after Labor Day would be that she hasn't released her tax returns, even though she's not required to and she has released all the information she has to as a candidate.

After the latest Gillibrand press release, Sweeny might understand a little better that thing about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones. Gillibrand isn't using Sweeney's non-release as an excuse to run away from standing up and debating him in front of the voters. She's obviously not worried about a run in with "Congressman Kickass." If Sweeney is so sure he's going to win, and he's so confident of his poll numbers, then why won't he agree to the debates?

Given Sweeney's little lights out crash and his recent frat house Friday, it looks like Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Foley should be going to rehab together.

Anyhow, release the news hounds:

Gillibrand Calls Upon Sweeney to Release Police Reports

Hudson NY - Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Congressional Candidate in NY-20 called on John Sweeney release the full police reports relating to his arrests and drinking and driving incident.

The letter follows.

October 10th, 2006

Congressman John Sweeney Sweeney for Congress P.O. Box 1465 Clifton Park, NY 12065

Dear Mr. Sweeney:

I am writing today to call upon you to release the full police reports relating to your arrests and drinking and driving incident.

As you know, you have been arrested at least twice, once in 1978 for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and once in 1977 for pulling a fire alarm. In addition, in 2001 you admitted that you had been in a serious car accident after drinking in a bar. Voters have heard your versions of these unfortunate events - now it is time for the whole truth to come out.

In addition to releasing any and all records related to these known events, I would also urge you to release any and all records related to other run-ins with the law you may be hiding from voters.

Sadly, given the fact that you tried to cover up your 2001 drinking and driving accident, there is every reason for voters to believe that you may be hiding other incidents from them.

Your decision to release any and all records related to your arrests and other incidents with law enforcement will send an important signal about your willingness to come clean with voters. Failure to do so will send the message that you have something to hide. Now more than ever, voters need to be assured that their member of Congress is not involved in any sort of legal cover up or is above the law in any way.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Kirsten Gillibrand


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