Thursday, April 27, 2006

Never Ceases to Amaze

I'll say one thing, John Sweeney never ceases to amaze me (another trait he has in common with the George W. Bush). And I don't mean that he amazes me in a good way, it is in an "I can't believe you'd want to stop a vote recount in my democratic country" way. Most recent jaw dropper: considering his family history, it certainly seems like he is no body to attack another person's family. But that is just what he's done today. See the Post Star story here. Which ends on a positive note about Gillibrand's ideas about how to solve the gas problem:
Gillibrand said the federal government should temporarily suspend gas taxes as a short-term solution while embarking on a comprehensive effort to develop alternative energy. "It has to be on the level of when John F. Kennedy said, 'Let's put a man on the moon,'" she said.
I guess when you can't run on your record because you've voted against:
  • alternative energy
  • increasing fuel effeciency standards (just like the automakers wanted you to)
  • a bill that in your own words "would establish new standards to combat price gouging"
and you can't hide from the fact that you've taken $120,000 in campaign contributions from oil companies all you can do is attack and pretend that a person's brother has something to do with this campaign. Gillibrand's brother's gas station isn't even in this district! Sweeney's responses to the facts here show that he's voted against many of the energy bills just because they were supported by Democrats not because they were the wrong bills. And often he claims to have voted against something because it didn't do enough. Hello?!?! Doing something today and doing more tomorrow is better than doing nothing at all.


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