Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sweeney is the SEVENTH largest recipient of money from lobbyists in the House (right behind TOM DELAY)

Did you know that according to, out of all 435 house members, John Sweeney is the SEVENTH largest recipient of money from lobbyists, right behind Tom Delay? Here's the link. (John Sweeney is listed as 18 because it includes both House AND Senate members) Gillibrand ought to REALLY make a BIG issue out of this one. Do the people in this district really want somebody representing them who is beholden to certain groups which probably don't have Eastern Upstate NY's best interests in mind? I suggest we all start writing letters to the local newspapers (Post-Star, Times Union, Gazette, Record, Saratogian, etc.) and keep repeating "John Sweeney is the seventh highest recipient of money from lobbyists in the House, right behind Tom Delay" until every voter in NY-20 practically has this line practically memorized.


Blogger la la la I can't hear you said...

Lobbyists are also Sweeney's biggest industry supporter. Lawyers are second. Also per Opensecrets.

It is pretty funny how the R letter writers are all up in arms over Gillibrand getting money from her dad, one lobbyist. When their candidate's biggest funder is lobbyists. Can we say Double Standard?

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