Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today's Coverage of Sweeney's Ski Vacation

From Today's Times Union:
During the weekend, participants competed against each other in tailor-made events that included skiing, skating and bobsledding at U.S. Olympic facilities in the North Country village in Sweeney's congressional district. They were all awarded medals when the competition was over. The campaign of Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat who is challenging Sweeney this fall, called on the Clifton Park Republican to disclose why he brought so many staffers on a taxpayer-financed trip and "what work they accomplished there." "Voters have a right to know what exactly each of these 12 individuals were doing during this weekend ski trip to serve the public," said Bill Hyers, Gillibrand's campaign manager.
From Today's Post Star:
"It was one authority funding another authority in a way that had an appearance of money laundering," said Assemblyman Paul Tonko, D-Amsterdam, who chairs the committee.
This wasn't official business. It was business as usual. It's the latest example of the current majority party's sense of personal entitlement on someone else's dime. Especially in light of the guest list of lobbyists, donors and staffers. A dozen staffers joined in on the tax payer funded vacation that has been variously justified as promoting either tourism or congressional funding to the region. Their job is to promote the best interests of the region automatically. They shouldn't need fantasy camp reward programs to do the work of the people in this district. It's time to end the culture of corruption in Washington.


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