Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The Post Star recently reported Gillibrand's disclosure of a meeting with NOW (see full story below).

Her disclosure and transparency are stark contrasts to the recent tax payer funded event that "was organized by Sweeney." Lobbyists were present but no one seems to want to let us know who was there (let alone what the conversation was). "Representatives of ORDA, the power authority and Sweeney said they did not have a list of who attended, and Bull, of the USOC, said the list was not readily available." (quotes from the Post Star story).

I guess Sweeney takes his cues on this sort of thing from Dick Cheney: he can arrange gatherings with whom ever he wants believing that none of us little people have the right to know what is discussed or who is there.

Gillibrand discloses lobbyist meeting


Published on 3/28/2006 News From the Campaign Trail THE POST-STAR

* As promised, Democratic congressional candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is disclosing information about meetings with federal lobbyists on her campaign Web site. The latest report lists a meeting March 9 in Washington with lobbyist Pat Reuss of the National Organization for Women to discuss a potential endorsement. The report also includes the following note: "Two gentlemen claiming to be from the lobbying firm McKinley and Quinn dropped by a reception held for Kirsten on Wednesday, March 9th. They gave no money and had no real conversations with anyone, and McKinley and Quinn have no one by the name 'Ray' and 'Mike' who work there. Since our guests did not sign in or provide last names, we are not able to tell you more about them."


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