Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sweeney calls for 'Transparency'

You see, transparency is okay for other people. Irony, thy name is Sweeney:
"Local Lawmakers Calling for State D-O-T to be More Open (posted: December 12th, 9:00pm) There are calls from several fronts tonight that the State Department of Transportation be more open about engineering reports connected to the Dunn interchange ramp that shifted last July. D-O-T has been stone-walling attempts by both reporters and the lawyer for the woman who drove over the partial collapse to get all inspection reports related to the ramps and piers that make up the Dunn Interchange. Two local lawmakers are telling D-O-T to cooperate. 'Just saying these internal documents are secret and the public has no right to know when it's public money and the right to know is established...is unexcusable.' said Assemblyman Ron Canestrari, (D) Cohoes. 'I think the more transparency you have the better opportunity you have to ensure that the roadways are indeed safe.' said Republican John Sweeney, (R) Clifton Park. Congressman Sweeney also says since taxpayers are paying for repairs, the process of pinpointing problems should be more transparent."


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