Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gillibrand endorsed by Democrats in Columbia County

So she's got Saratoga & Columbia County's Democratic Committees endorsing her. From the 2 December Register Star. Nicely printed from the piece about Sweeney hammering the GOP in Columbia County.
Gillibrand garners Democratic endorsement for Congressional run in 20th district for 2006 Greenport resident known for her public service Staff report, Register-Star, Friday, December 2, 2005 COLUMBIA COUNTY -- The Columbia County Democratic Committee Thursday unanimously endorsed Kirsten Gillibrand of Greenport as its 2006 choice for candidate for U.S. Congress from the 20th Congressional District. The 20th Congressional District spans 10 counties from Lake Placid to Hyde Park to Cooperstown. Gillibrand is an attorney who, at one time worked for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Additional biographical information about Gillibrand was not available at press time. "We are very excited to endorse one of Columbia County's own for Congress," said committee chairman Ken Dow of Claverack. "Kirsten is a tremendous candidate who will serve the district well," Dow continued. "She has had an impressive career fighting for average Americans, for. safe housing and labor rights. "Kirsten has shown that she will place the concerns of people in Columbia County above the wishes of lobbyists in Washington. Dow is optimistic about the Democrats' prospects in this race. "Citizens look at the direction of the country under George Bush not just the war without a plan, but the Republican effort to undermine Social Security, the reckless accumulation of national debt while giving profligate tax cuts to the very rich, the failure to be prepared for emergencies like Hurricane Katrina, and countless other bad choices that have damaged ordinary citizens, and don't like it. John Sweeney has been a leading accomplice in many of these misguided schemes," he said. Republican response was not available at press time. "Democrats across the 20th district did very well this year. In local elections this year, the Columbia County Democrats picked up 17 new offices, including two town supervisor seats, while they did not lose a single office they held. With such a fine person and quality candidate as Kirsten Gillibrand, we look forward to 2006 and helping to get our country back on the right track," Dow added.
Seems that she's got it lining up nicely.

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