Sunday, November 20, 2005

Post Star Editorial On Sweeney - - Holy Cats!

The Post Star ran an editorial on Sweeney yesterday:
Trying to figure out Sweeney By KEN TINGLEY Published on 11/20/2005 THE POST-STAR I've never known quite what to make of Rep. John Sweeney. We've met a couple times in editorial board meetings here at the newspaper. The first time, he seemed distant, perhaps a little suspicious and a little angry. That was before he was elected the first time, when the majority of people in these parts voted for the Democratic candidate. The second time, he was a sweetheart, a professional politician who was quite charming. Of course, that was right before he got married, so maybe he was in love. When we wrote about him being in a traffic accident after skiing in Greenwich several years ago, the newspaper stories brought up the fact that he might have been drinking and that the police might have given him some special treatment. After that, the congressman didn't talk to us here at the newspaper for a long time. Probably just a coincidence. He talks to the newspaper a lot through his spokespeople, which we all know is really the spokespeople talking and the congressman signing off on it. Does anyone really believe that what a spokesperson reports is actually what the congressman said?

If you want to read the rest, you'll have to check it out somewhere else, I'm afraid. In essence, the point they make is that Sweeney isn't consistently in touch with the press, and then sometimes he's just plain antagonistic. They want to know, what's up with this guy.

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