Friday, June 17, 2005

Latest Loveliness from John Sweeney

It seems too good to be true. John Sweeney, our Congressman in New York's 20th, has come out in the defense of on-line gambling.

I forgot to mention before that Sweeney has also come out in defense of Tom Delay. From The AP:

Thursday, April 28, 2005 5:57 PM
Sweeney, other House GOPs seek to counter attacks on DeLay

(Washington - AP) — Upstate Congressman John Sweeney is part of a group of 30 Republican House members meeting to counter Democratic attacks on Majority Leader Tom Delay over ethics questions.

DeLay, a Texas Republican, has come under attack for overseas trips and his association with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is now under federal investigation. The questions have put House Republicans on the defensive. On Wednesday, they voted to remove ethics rules changes that Democrats charged were designed to protect DeLay. Sweeney's spokeswoman Melissa Carlson said the congressman believes Republicans should start fighting back.

Says Carlson — quote — "Congressman Sweeney and fellow Republicans are working to bring the focus in Congress back to the issues at hand: tax cuts and economic growth, not individual members' trips abroad, or individual attacks on members."

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Sweeney & Baseball

Have you seen this nonsense yet? Congressman John Sweeney (R-NY-20th) prefers to deal with the celebrity world while upstate New York continues to drift. First it was the steroid nonsense, now this:
(Washington Post 28 June):Major League Baseball hasn't narrowed the list of the eight bidders seeking to buy the Washington Nationals and some Republicans on Capitol Hill already are hinting at revoking the league's antitrust exemption if billionaire financier George Soros, an ardent critic of President Bush and supporter of liberal causes, buys the team.

"It's not necessarily smart business sense to have anybody who is so polarizing in the political world," Rep. John E. Sweeney (R-N.Y.) said. "That goes for anybody, but especially as it relates to Major League Baseball because it's one of the few businesses that get incredibly special treatment from Congress and the federal government."

how about that.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

About John Sweeney

The Twentieth Congressional district is one of those gerrymandered abominations, spanning ten counties without including a single city above 30,000 (Glens Falls: 14,203 (down from 1990), Saratoga (27,000), Hudson (7,200). The twentieth, instead, is a blob of (mostly economically depressed) rural towns stretching from Lake Placid in the north to Union Vale in the south (220 miles), and Masonville in the west (about 150 miles). The poverty rate in our district is about 8%, buoyed by some pretty wealthy (by upstate NY standards, not downstate ones) suburbs in Saratoga County. Sweeney tends to run as one of those 'wrapped in the flag' Carl Rove types. However, he does absolutely nothing for his constituency. He is mostly has been going for the high PR, apple-pie issues, and dodging the any question that requires any more intelligent discussion than a Rush Limbaugh rant. Here's what he's done (or not done) lately:
  • Hob-nobbing with celebrities on whether we should allow the slaughter of horses.
  • Feigning dismay over steroids in sports
  • Avoiding talking about Social Security.
  • Voted to repeal the Paris Hilton (estate) tax
  • Missed a critical vote on health care for veterans
  • Tried to get GE off the hook for polluting the Hudson
  • Waffled on keeping Amtrak running
This is the typical GOP stuff. Demagoguery on emotional issues, but when it comes to really doing what his constituents need (economic security, good jobs, infrastructure, investment in education, environmental preservation), he's nowhere. Yesterday he was to have attended a 'town hall meeting' on Social Security. I can't wait to see how that turned out: stay tuned for more.

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Sweeney & Miami

Do a google search with "John Sweeney" and "Miami," and you'll see what loveliness our congressman from NY's 20th Congressional district has been involved with. Take, for instance, this: Miami's rent-a-riot:
"The incident -- the ugliest single set piece of the Election 2000 epic and possibly the most decisive one -- was set in motion by one imported GOP operative: Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y., who from an office in that same county building has led the Miami fight against the recount."
It's really amazing to find out who was involved in the Florida insanity. I see via the DailyKos that Bolton was also there. These guys are simply stealing the country. JohnSweeney ( )