Monday, June 13, 2005

Sweeney & Miami

Do a google search with "John Sweeney" and "Miami," and you'll see what loveliness our congressman from NY's 20th Congressional district has been involved with. Take, for instance, this: Miami's rent-a-riot:
"The incident -- the ugliest single set piece of the Election 2000 epic and possibly the most decisive one -- was set in motion by one imported GOP operative: Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y., who from an office in that same county building has led the Miami fight against the recount."
It's really amazing to find out who was involved in the Florida insanity. I see via the DailyKos that Bolton was also there. These guys are simply stealing the country. JohnSweeney ( )


Blogger knowchip said...

In conjunction with this bit of history, you should check out There a number of the "rioters" pictured and identified. Note Tom Pyle, DeLay aide still on staff. (And one of Sweeney's ex-staffers has gone to DeLay as well. These guys are linked!)

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