Monday, November 06, 2006

Great Work John

John Sweeney (R-NY) shines a spotlight on the huge flaws in his character and honesty on election night.

A Republican Sweeney supporter tells WNYT that "I can't find it my heart to vote for Sweeney ... especially after today when he just sneaks out the front door and doesn't answer these questions. ... There are a lot of women specifically just like me that feel he needs to get in front of us, not E. Stewart Jones, him and say what this is all about."

Instead, Sweeney "slipped out the door opposite from where his car was parked and drove off in a car different from the one he arrived in."

The state police won't authenticate the new report that seems to come from no place released by nobody.

Big shocker here:

the document ... contained no details, period. (per the TUblog)

According to the TUB, the Sweeney campaign denies that it is behind the no-details-period "report." So maybe a fake sheet o' paper was printed up by a Sweeney supporter or maybe he's telling lies again. Who know?

We do know that Sweeney could have avoided questions about the authenticity of this new report by the news media had he authorized the police to release the report directly to news outlets.

A spokesman for the New York State Police confirmed to ABC News the report can be released "if both parties sign a notarized waiver of privacy with instructions drawn out to who gets it and when." (link)

Sweeney would not do that even when the Times Union offered to draw up the paperwork for him the day after this story broke.

When one WNYT reporter asked the other if it is common for the police to change these reports so that there would be different versions of the same report, he said "Apparently not."

There are two possibilities here. Someone did Sweeney a favor and made some edits. Or a Sweeney supporter or the Sweeney campaign made their own edits. Because we know that the Times Union researched the accuracy of the document before they went to press.

And if you think unusual things don't happen for "Congressman Kick Ass" - keep in mind what the North Country Gazette recently pointed out:

Although his son could have faced up to seven years in prison for the vicious assault, he walked, escaping all jail time.

Is that common? Nope, that's not common either.

Sweeney's desperate to think that any last minute headlines tomorrow citing his new report will convince voters he wasn't telling lies when he claimed there was another report. If he wanted the media to be confident this was the real report, he'd have had the police hand it to the media directly.

He's acted like a complete buffoon from the beginning here.

  1. He stonewalled questions when this happened.
  2. When it was revealed, he tried to blame others for his own mistakes.
  3. He publically called for another report and then refused to release that to the media.
  4. He dodged even supporter's questions about the incident.
  5. He's ensured that on election day - he'll have his domestic violence and his lack of integrity on people's minds all over again.

Let's get out there and vote for Kirsten. Not only because she's the best candidate in the race but also to show that even Bob Novak is right once in a while:

Rep. John Sweeney (R) is a goner after ... police report alleging domestic abuse was leaked to the press.


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