Friday, January 13, 2006

Sweeney really in touch with the common folks of his district

Over at 10,000 Things, Andrew White posts the figures for 4th Quarter Fund Raising, and, well, there's pretty good news, if you ask me. Kirsten has already raised more money than anyone else Sweeney has run against before. What impresses me is that 60% of the money Sweeney has raised is from individuals. Gillibrand: 97%. That says it all, folks. But wait, there's even better stuff. How about money from the Alexander Group, which will be closing down before Abramoff's blood spills all over it. That John Sweeney, really working for his district. He's hanging with the rich fatcats, while his district continues to work really hard to make ends meet. Just a quick check at the Census Bureau reveals: Mechanicville Median Household Income: 79% of NY State MHHI (Saratoga County), Hudson 55%(Columbia County), Scroon-66% (Essex County), Masonville 76% (Delaware County), Dresden 69% (Washington County), Glens Falls 69% (Warren County) and on and on and on. Meanwhile, we continue to lose hospitals (at least two in the district have closed on Sweeney's watch), jobs, see our power rates & energy costs climb (National Grid up 20% this year!, gas $2.60 now, fuel oil $2.70 now. Don't even mention property taxes! So, who's totally out of touch with his district?


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