Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sweeney calls for 'soul-searching' in the HR

New York Daily News - Politics - Tom makes a DeLay-ed exit: "New York Rep. John Sweeney of upstate Clifton Park called for a total reassessment of the House Republican leadership and new elections. 'I feel the time is right for us to do some soul searching and have an open dialogue about the direction of the House,' the Republican said."

What kind of soul-searching does a political operative-flack-crony do? This the usual sort of cheap sentimental yet meaningless sort of nonsense you get from a guy like Sweeney. Dump him. Maybe he wants to stop acting like a tool of the interests.

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Blogger take19 said...

Looks like Sweeney is headed downhill this weekend. Check out this link on the NRCC website for news of Sweeney's fundraising ski trip.

He may be calling for soul-searching, but he's more than happy to take lobbyists' money while skiing in Utah.

7:28 PM  

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