Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Ol Farmer Sweeney

Farmer John showed his deep devotion to agricuture this week in the Mountain Eagle. Now we know that Farmer J's compassion for the farmer is about the same as a weasel's love for a flock of hens. In the event, his deep sincerity inspired the following: With his column in the Eagle, Congresssman Sweeney showed a strong familiarity with one kind of farm equipment: the manure spreader. Those of you you who read carefully may have noted that nowhere does Sweeney say he has actually written or sponsored a bill friendly to agriculture. That's because in fact in 8 years he has done nothing for farmers. ^The only aid he has brough to Delaware County was a grant to improve the Delhi golf course. Golf Course? Is that so farmers can play a few holes between haying and milking?. Sweeney must think farmers keep Congressman's hours. Maybe next time he will come out for a golf ball subsidy to match his bill on race horses. After going on about all the legislation he has 'helped' or 'supported', he carefully avoids saying a word about his stand on next year's comprehensive farm legislation. With a 90% Delay approval rating, he voted for price supports where 85% of federal money goes to megabillion dollar agribusiness farms. That's the kind of farm Mr. Sweeny likes. Bush Republicans again and again make sure that the lion's share of farm subsidy goes to a few huge firms, while family farms get the crumbs. He then rounds off by telling us how his help in repealing the estate tax will help farm familes. It's my understanding that this bill will help exactly 27 farms across the nation. You can guess who owns these farms. I doubt Mr. Sweeney even realized there were farms in his district until this year when he got some real competition. Has anyone ever seen him out in this part of the District? I doubt it. The Congressman thinks the 20th is made up of Hudson River towns where they ski and drink Chablis. Well manure spreading is an age-old politician's pastime, but I'm not sure his brand of fertilizer will make my alfalfa grow. Too much Bull in it.


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