Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kirsten's announcement at Shaver-Hill Farm

A modestbut enthusiastic crowd turned out to meet Kirsten at the farm on Feb. 1. Her speech was very warmly recieved by atcivists and neighbors alike. Garnering special applause were her positions on healthcare, the need for more district-reponsive representation, and the morass in Iraq. Several people from the press were there, so you should be able to read about it in today's Oneonta Star and then next issue of the Mountain Eagle. Aside from my own delight in both the polish and the content of Kirsten's speech, I was moved by the real concern of so many to do something about the State of the Nation. Here, with Kirsten speaking against the dramatic background of the great syrup evaporator was American politics at its' best; patriotic folks getting together to do the right thing.


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